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1 What is LifeBase Solutions
1.1 What is the LifeBase Solutions Software?

LifeBase is an innovative nutrition software platform that simplifies and automates the nutrition coaching process to create credibility and consistency for coaches and deliver improved health outcomes for their clients. Comprised of four (4) main components: Coaching command center dashboard, Medical-grade bio-impedance body composition measurement device, Machine learning automated coaching and Consumer macro exchange tracker app. LifeBase empowers nutrition coaches to help individuals and athletes achieve the best versions of themselves, regardless of their nutritional and fitness starting points more.

1.2 When was LifeBase Founded?

2018 in Sioux Falls, SD

1.3 Who uses the LifeBase Solutions software?

Nutrition and supplement retailers, high schools, colleges, insurance companies, meal prep companies, gyms, sports teams, football teams, wrestling teams and more.